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Exercise Resources - Cardio Workouts to Burn Fat

Cardio Workouts to Burn Fat Cardio workouts are essential with any exercise routine for burning fat and building endurance. Not to mention, they’re also very good for keeping your heart healthy and lowering stress. There are a few steps in planning out your cardio workout that will help you obtain the best results more quickly, [...]

Nutrition Tips - Secrets to Healthy Eating on the Go

Secrets to Healthy Eating on the Go The secrets to healthy eating on the go are organization, preparation, commitment, indulgence, and stripping. 1. Organization. Lists are our friends. Create a menu for the week that is packed with whole grains, protein, fruits, and vegetables. Write out a shopping list of all the ingredients, and healthy [...]

Nutrition Tips - Healthy Eating for Weight Loss

Healthy Eating for Weight Loss Obesity is a serious health problem that is getting worse by the day. In fact, studies have shown that over 30% of the population is classified as obese. Obesity puts a person at risk for serious health problems, but fortunately it can be remedied with a healthy diet. A healthy [...]

Exercise Equipment Reviews - Proform Home Gym Equipment

Proform Home Gym Equipment Many people want to get their bodies in shape so that they can get a six pack. Some people do not have the time to go to the gym. Those individuals should consider bringing the gym to their homes. Proform has some of the most popular home gym equipment on the [...]